Our Purpose:

All proceeds from the race will be used to provide Funds to build a secondary school in the village of Funsani in Malawi, Africa. This race supports the ongoing Orphans of God project sponsored by Spring Lake Church of Green Bay, WI in cooperation with Aquaid Lifeline of the UK.

How the money raised from this event has been used:

  • A well was built in the village of Undani, which was a first for this village. Before this well was built, there was a blind couple who had to walk for miles to get water.

  • Food was provided for the orphans of Funsani during a devastating drought.

  • Funding was provided to send 20 orphan students from Funsani to high school. In Malawi, students must leave home to attend secondary school, as there are very few schools available, especially in rural areas.

  • A secondary school is in the process of being built.  A well for the school was built in 2015.  Staff housing was constructed due to the difficulty teachers have finding accommodations this far out in the bush.  The first classroom has been completed and classes started being held in January, 2016. Once completed, the grounds will include three school buildings. 

In addition to these activities, Spring Lake Church has been providing medical care by sending teams once a year to Funsani to provide clinics and medicine as well as instruction on hygiene. Also, a facility has been built in Funsani that provides a preschool classroom, housing for the staff and beds for 16 orphans that live there full time. Through the Orphans of God adoption program donors provide the funds to pay staff, and provide two meals a day, clothing, and basic education for 190 children. Most importantly they experience the Love of Jesus Christ, reflected in the acts and faces of those who provide the care that they receive.